How to Arrange Furniture in A Small Bedroom to Make It Look Bigger

Arranging your furniture in a small bedroom is essentially a piece of cake, really. Because in actuality, any bedroom will become big enough if you can manage to arrange your furniture meticulously and in a perfect way. There are many things you can try and work out to make your small bed room feel big enough to you.

First things first, you have to make sure that your furniture which are possible to be side-on-side with your bedroom’s wall are pushed against it. Like your twin beds, for example, they should be put by being pushed against the wall. Well, you are not gonna be using the bed all day, are you? You can also try to be multifunction. Which means that you can place your bureau next to the bed and use it as a nightstand. You also can use a kitchen chair as a nightstand. You can even make your chair to be a place for you to hang your clothes, coat, or purse.

Next, try as hard as possible to replace your furniture. Try it like this:

Attach a small shelf, on the wall next to the bed, to use as a nightstand. It should be attached on your wall, do not put it in the middle of your bedroom or even beside your desk or bed, it’ll just waste your bedroom space.
Use a wall lamp rather than a table lamp, which means you attach it on your floor. So, what I’m trying to say is that things you attach on your wall will make your room bigger than things you put on your floor do.
Store tissue and an alarm clock in a small purse hung on a hook next to the bed. But don’t forget that your purse should be cute-looking and clean enough. Cause if the purse is dirty it’ll imply that what you hang on the hook is a trash can.
Attach a folding shelf, beneath a window, to use as a desk or ironing board. This will save space even more, since you don’t iron every day. Even though you might study every day, you won’t be needing the desk all day.
Use a stool instead of a chair. Or, if it’s not possible, use a small chair instead of a big one. If you use a a stool, store it in your closet when it’s not in use.
Or, if you want to save more place, you can sit on the floor. Use a floor cushion or study on the bed, instead of bothering yourself to place a desk plus a chair.
And then, don’t forget to find and use smaller pieces of furniture. For example, use a smaller bed, a smaller shelf, a smaller desk, a smaller fan, and other possible smaller things instead of big ones. But, in case you are a girl, you can use a big enough closet and a huge mirror.

Next, you should add more storage area. Clear the clutter. Keep only what you use. So if for example, you hardly use your cushion, never let it lay on your floor when you’re not using it. You can also try and add shelves or hooks in the closet. Use those hooks and shelves to place small items in baskets or boxes. You can even elevate your bed, cause it’ll save place even more than putting your bed directly attached on the floor. Use cardboard storage boxes beneath the bed. And don’t forget to add a bed skirt to cover everything beneath it to make it look neater.

The last thing you have to do is to maintain your room. Keep your bed neat and clean your room every day. Repeat; every day. Keep everything put in the right place. Because all of the previous tips won’t work unless you keep them that way; clean and neat.

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