Room Dividers for Living Room and Dining Rooms

If you have a small house, certainly it will be difficult for you to divide the small space into several rooms. However, in small space, it makes sense to combine different living spaces into one room to maximize the usage of the space. Rather than each occupying a space, why not let the different functions share a same space? One of the examples is the living rooms can be combined with dining rooms. In this article, I will try to explain several design ideas that you can use to make the living room and dining room from one space.

The first idea is to use movable room dividers. You can use a simple room divider to separate your living room and dining room. This divider is also can used to hide certain items during specific time period. For example, you can hide the dining room if there is not a meal time. The translucent nature of the room dividers allows natural light to shine through the whole space as well as prevent the room from feeling cramped.

After that, you can use sliding walls. By using sliding walls, you can decide how much space for each room, depending on your preference.You can use the type of the sliding wall which is pulled to the extreme left that the entire space becomes a dining room. Second, you can use the sliding walls which have shifted to the middle so that one half becomes a living room while the other half is a smaller dining room.

Another idea is you can use fold down furniture. One easy way is to use a fold down table to combine living room and dining room into one space. It is very effective because the fold down table does not spend a lot of space in your house.

Thus, after you read this article you can get inspiration on how combine your living room and dining room in one space. It just needs some techniques to combine those rooms. As a result, you will have an amazing living room and dining room which are separated by chic dividers.

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