Use of Leather Sofa To Beautify A Living Room

A living room is one of important rooms in a house to support collective activities done by members of family. It can also be used to gather with the family and enjoy relaxing atmosphere after doing hectic activities outside the house. In order to create such comfort, a sofa is needed to be a seat which the family sit down. It is also for beautifying the living room. Sofa is found in nearly all of living rooms that is used to relax while watching TV, drinking tea or coffee, or chatting with family. Nowadays, there are various shapes and style of sofa that you can choose in furniture stores. One of kinds of sofa is leather sofa.

A leather sofa is mostly chosen by customers because the material relatively lasts for long time and does not emerge hotness while sitting on. The material that is not easily dirty also becomes the reason why this kind of sofa is chosen most. It is easy to clean this sofa. You can just wipe the stain on the sofa, and the stain will be removed. The sofa will give classical image for the living room. It is very flexible if completed with interior and fitted wall color. The following tips are useful for you to decorate a leather sofa in your living room.

First, place your leather sofa which does not disturb the family while they are walking. Because the living room is a room that is mostly visited by entire family, do not place your sofa in the path that is crossed by them and in the spot that obstructs family’s activities.

If the leather sofa is used to watch TV, place the sofa in the spot that enables the audience to see the TV screen clearly. Their views are facing directly the screen. A bad arrangement of the sofa will cause the audience feel tired while watching TV because the angle of the TV is not fit and their position is not in comfortable position.

If your family like using the living room to talk to each other and relax while watching TV, it is better to arrange your leather sofa to become U shape. This will enable both activities, which are increasing intimacy among family by chatting and watching TV together.

Lastly, avoid putting the leather sofa near storage furniture, such as shelves and cupboards. This will cause the living room look smaller or narrower and not fascinating. Combine simply-designed wall, so that it might be more beautiful to be looked at.

These tips will be very useful in arranging the leather sofa in your living room. The comfortable sofa plus the good position will increase your comfort in gathering with members of family.


Best Hanging and Standing Room Divider for Living Room

House with a small space can be a problem for some people. Because of that, people will feel confuse on how to separate the rooms which are suitable to their functions. However, now people can use dividers to divide their small house size into several rooms, including the living room.You can place the dividers in between any two spaces immediately making a creative use of the space. Not only does it count as a part of your home decor, it also instills a sense of privacy with a hint of sophistication. Below are several ideas on how to utilize a hanging divider within your decor.

First, you can use screen as your divider. It is the simplest forms of ornamental room divider. Screen is flexible that you can move and place it at anytime and everywhere you want it, including your living room. The best thing about using screen hanging room dividers is that you can pull them apart when they are not required.

Second, panel is also can be used as your living room divider because it is very elegant usage of your space. Panel can be made from wood, plastic or vinyl among other materials. Divider panels are normally set in a way where they could swing in two directions when needed. It is similar to the sliding room dividers. It also have many attractive designs and decorations.

The third is you can use curtains. You can select any material, color, pattern or design that suitable for you because curtains are made from fabric. Curtains room dividers can create an impression of a bigger room since they are full in length. They can also make your living room becomes classic and elegant from the choice of the colors.

Another thing is you can also use bamboo room divider. It will make your living room looks natural because of the pattern and the color of the bamboo. Bamboo room divider is also easily to find because many people prefer to use it to separate their living room with another room.

Therefore, after you read this article, you will get inspiration in choosing your best room dividers. Although there are various kinds of room dividers, it goes back to you which one do you want to buy. Do not forget to match your room dividers with other interiors in your living room to get a total wonderful effect in your living room.


Room Dividers for Living Room and Dining Rooms

If you have a small house, certainly it will be difficult for you to divide the small space into several rooms. However, in small space, it makes sense to combine different living spaces into one room to maximize the usage of the space. Rather than each occupying a space, why not let the different functions share a same space? One of the examples is the living rooms can be combined with dining rooms. In this article, I will try to explain several design ideas that you can use to make the living room and dining room from one space.

The first idea is to use movable room dividers. You can use a simple room divider to separate your living room and dining room. This divider is also can used to hide certain items during specific time period. For example, you can hide the dining room if there is not a meal time. The translucent nature of the room dividers allows natural light to shine through the whole space as well as prevent the room from feeling cramped.

After that, you can use sliding walls. By using sliding walls, you can decide how much space for each room, depending on your preference.You can use the type of the sliding wall which is pulled to the extreme left that the entire space becomes a dining room. Second, you can use the sliding walls which have shifted to the middle so that one half becomes a living room while the other half is a smaller dining room.

Another idea is you can use fold down furniture. One easy way is to use a fold down table to combine living room and dining room into one space. It is very effective because the fold down table does not spend a lot of space in your house.

Thus, after you read this article you can get inspiration on how combine your living room and dining room in one space. It just needs some techniques to combine those rooms. As a result, you will have an amazing living room and dining room which are separated by chic dividers.


How to Arrange Furniture in A Small Bedroom to Make It Look Bigger

Arranging your furniture in a small bedroom is essentially a piece of cake, really. Because in actuality, any bedroom will become big enough if you can manage to arrange your furniture meticulously and in a perfect way. There are many things you can try and work out to make your small bed room feel big enough to you.

First things first, you have to make sure that your furniture which are possible to be side-on-side with your bedroom’s wall are pushed against it. Like your twin beds, for example, they should be put by being pushed against the wall. Well, you are not gonna be using the bed all day, are you? You can also try to be multifunction. Which means that you can place your bureau next to the bed and use it as a nightstand. You also can use a kitchen chair as a nightstand. You can even make your chair to be a place for you to hang your clothes, coat, or purse.

Next, try as hard as possible to replace your furniture. Try it like this:

Attach a small shelf, on the wall next to the bed, to use as a nightstand. It should be attached on your wall, do not put it in the middle of your bedroom or even beside your desk or bed, it’ll just waste your bedroom space.
Use a wall lamp rather than a table lamp, which means you attach it on your floor. So, what I’m trying to say is that things you attach on your wall will make your room bigger than things you put on your floor do.
Store tissue and an alarm clock in a small purse hung on a hook next to the bed. But don’t forget that your purse should be cute-looking and clean enough. Cause if the purse is dirty it’ll imply that what you hang on the hook is a trash can.
Attach a folding shelf, beneath a window, to use as a desk or ironing board. This will save space even more, since you don’t iron every day. Even though you might study every day, you won’t be needing the desk all day.
Use a stool instead of a chair. Or, if it’s not possible, use a small chair instead of a big one. If you use a a stool, store it in your closet when it’s not in use.
Or, if you want to save more place, you can sit on the floor. Use a floor cushion or study on the bed, instead of bothering yourself to place a desk plus a chair.
And then, don’t forget to find and use smaller pieces of furniture. For example, use a smaller bed, a smaller shelf, a smaller desk, a smaller fan, and other possible smaller things instead of big ones. But, in case you are a girl, you can use a big enough closet and a huge mirror.

Next, you should add more storage area. Clear the clutter. Keep only what you use. So if for example, you hardly use your cushion, never let it lay on your floor when you’re not using it. You can also try and add shelves or hooks in the closet. Use those hooks and shelves to place small items in baskets or boxes. You can even elevate your bed, cause it’ll save place even more than putting your bed directly attached on the floor. Use cardboard storage boxes beneath the bed. And don’t forget to add a bed skirt to cover everything beneath it to make it look neater.

The last thing you have to do is to maintain your room. Keep your bed neat and clean your room every day. Repeat; every day. Keep everything put in the right place. Because all of the previous tips won’t work unless you keep them that way; clean and neat.


Creative Ideas on How to Choose Furniture Paint Colors

Knowing how to choose the right furniture paint colors just needs a little time and practice. You can decide the colors of your furniture based on your preference. Certain shade will add weight to the room and other colors have a lighter feel. The color of your furniture will have difference tone to the room, such as warm and cool. These are some creative ideas on how to choose the best furniture paint colors for your home.

The first is about the visual weight. You can paint your room walls with a light color to make your small room look larger. Do not forget to paint the walls with a color that matches to your furniture color. It will make the colors blend more and create an overall space that looks wider and more open. Then you can choose bold or bright colors to add visual weight to your walls. The color should be bolder than any of the other colors found in the room.

After that, it is better if you do not use red on your ceiling. It will give an effect of weighty and oppressive to your ceiling. Try to paint your ceiling with bright color, such as white and broken white. For your other furniture, such as sofa, you can choose a warm color to convey the togetherness and strength. It will make your room feel cozy and intimate.

You can choose cool colors for your curtains. Cool colors on your curtains will look fresh and relaxing. Green color is also good because it give a natural tone to your room. For instance, you can choose green carpet for your room to make the atmosphere becomes calm and safe feeling.

The last is you can choose neutral colors for your furniture to give an effect of simple. Neutral colors, such as white, grey, and some browns will blend with most surroundings. The neutral colors also make it easier for homeowners to change out the furniture color later. These color will give your room a warm atmosphere because of the simplicity that they have.

Therefore, to choose the right color for your furniture is not difficult if you have a little creative ideas like what has already explained in this article. Certain colors will give certain atmosphere to your room. So, it is up to you to choose the best color for your furniture room that fit to your preference and the atmosphere that you want to build.


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